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Raising the Hardy Boys

As the calendar turned to the end of the month I realized my Raising the Hardy Boys column was due again and that means I’m really late in posting February’s column about my beef with the entire notion of “kid food.”

Some call it a soap box, I call it a passion.

I will preface this by saying I have totally handed a few french fries over the backseat, back when we used to eat in the car, but for the most part I really do try to live by these principles, at least when it comes to the boys.

Me? I’m a total hypocrite and am actually dealing with that this year. No, really Smile 

So, here are my thoughts on kid food:

And, I just couldn’t resist sharing this image that I saw on Kimberly Snyder’s blog shortly after my column ran.

Poop and Pee

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One thought on “Nathalie’s Notes on “kid food”

  1. stacyj says:

    I love that infographic–thanks for sharing that!


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