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Raising the Hardy Boys

I’m struggling to pull away from the picture a day mentality, and as a result still don’t have actual pages to share, but plenty to say about process.

Since learning about the process of others is as encouraging to me as it is inspiring to see their pages, here goes …

Except I just realized I left my journal at work which feels sort of like the dream where you show up somewhere naked. Except worse, because this is really happening.

So, for those of you reading Nathalie’s Notes for the journaling tips … the whole misplacing the journal thing is admittedly an occupational hazard.

I am going to have to take a medicinal bong hit just to sleep through this anxiety. Kidding, that stuff is illegal. Until March 3. In Oregon.

In other business … Project Life …

I’m recording notes in my planner, yes a Moleskine again. Always. And by “always” I mean since 2008.


Also, I have a notebook labeled Project Life in my Evernote which is super handy thanks to the search function.

I plan to use more of these week in review cards designed by the super cool Cathy Zielske and purchased at Designer Digitals.


This is an idea of the kinds of things I want to capture in words and/or pictures. I’m not in love with how I did this … wrong font? Wrong something … but in the spirit of progress not perfect, I’m moving forward.


One of my Project Life intentions for 2014 is to take more interesting pictures and I think why is pretty well summed up in this this post by Elise Blaha called “getting out of snapshot mode.” 

Some snapshots I took at Jake’s party to tell more of the story than cupcakes and presents:


I’m not sure if my friend Melisa or I took this picture but I love it because while it doesn’t show the kids it shows how important it is to them to get The right cupcake ring, those are a thing right now, fyi.



Love this one because it shows a little detail easily missed, Jake feeding the tickets in himself … not long ago he had to have help.


This one captures Sam making sure his little brother is okay. It is hard for Sam not to step in and do it himself, I tell Sam all the time that it’s hard for me to let him go it alone too but it’s how we learn … with help standing by.


Love this little guy!


And this … I just love this picture of Jake and his dad with profiles more similar than I realized before looking at ten versions of this same picture.

Pictures I wish I’d taken: the zebra candles I carefully picked out for Jakey, a picture of me and the birthday boy, a good group shot of the kids, and a close up picture of the hit gift: a fart gun. (Funny post about that to follow).

Yes, a fart gun. For real. You can get one by clicking the link below – see the disclaimer on my blog that tells you I get a couple cents for anything you buy on Amazon if you get there through my links.


Coming up: The scraps of life – Project Life memorabilia | Raising the Hardy Boys, with fart guns | The time times I lost my journal at the airport, and at the gym, and at my boyfriend’s house.



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