Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys



At this moment I am …

drinking  a chai tea with honey and almond milk. And water. A lot of water.

appreciating having two kids in school for a few hours. And amazed at the debris and aftermath of getting them there fed, dressed and on time.

watching the clock and obsessively refreshing my email. This is the most stress I’ve been under in … awhile.

laughing about it when I’m not crying or barfing from the stress.

eating today. Completed my first fast without complaining. Or dying. So that’s a plus.

willing to have faith. But have to keep reminding myself that’s the plan.

waiting to see if other people do what they are supposed to do. See plan above.  

prepping for maybe doing a 5K. The kind where you can walk or run. And still just maybe.  

opening to new possibilities.

sleeping poorly and not ever enough. I hear people talk about feeling rested. I have no idea what that feels like.  This may or may not be reflected in my current coping skills.

remembering less than I’d like. See above.

brainstorming new column ideas. Need to get a move on since they are due next week.

wearing ripped pajamas. Maybe time for a new pair.

considering how ironic it is I’m afraid to get hurt working out, since I’m so out of shape. As if not working out isn’t hurting me.

making potato leek soup in the pressure cooker today. After several dinner fails this month I have a plan b in mind.

feeling excited about my book signing for Newberg’s First Friday ARTWalk. Also a tiny bit nervous.

getting frustrated with trying to keep a seven-year-old still. Stupid broken arms.

loving how creative the kids are getting with artwork. The new thing around here is those perler beads … which are now everywhere. Note: stepping on them is not unlike stepping on Legos. *Clearly I need the ironing part is tricky for me. This burned smell was lovely. And resulted in a trip to IKEA to replace the boards. This turned out to be a bit of a cluster. Moving on …


In case it’s not immediately obvious (it wasn’t for me either and I’m the mom) the first one says “Steve” which means something to Minecraft aficionados and the second spells … Minecraft.

listening to the clicking sound of the boys playing Minecraft right now. Love hearing their conversation as they work together on … whatever it is they’re doing.  

acknowledging some seasons are tougher than others and this too shall pass.

flipping out when I forget the keep the faith plan. I am pretty committed to that though so it’s happening less and less and I keep thinking something is wrong since I’m not freaking out and I should  be doing something. And I am dealing with several things that have a huge impact on me, though I have no control of it. So that’s fun. And a perfect exercise in choosing faith over fear.

enjoying a new habit of gathering with school friends right after school to run around and play before going home and easing into the evening routine. Broken arms aside.


reading The Chronicles of Narnia with the boys. Now we’re at The Silver Chair. It is so cool having them ask for “just one more chapter because it’s getting so exciting!” They also earn extra chapters during the day instead of just bed time. Because we are book nerds.

thankful for another chance to celebrate being born next week.


Nathalie’s Notes: I’m surprised I’ve only done this type of post a few times because I like reading them on other blogs so much. Reading the few I did I’m glad for just that much because of the simple snap shot it offers.

Which is always the way with personal writing. People think more is better, mandatory even. But please believe me when I say some is better than none. One diary entry a week, or even a year still leaves a record of what mattered, especially if you let yourself believe today’s minutia makes for tomorrow’s marvels.

If you want to try it yourself, you and don’t have a blog or journal (I’d love to help you reconsider that!) post your answers in the comments or email me. It’s fun! These two links have a few different prompts than I used today. I wanted to make the answers quick and move to the next, which I encourage you to do as well. This isn’t homework, there are no wrong answers. It’s not all of the things you are doing currently, just whatever pops into your mind.

October 2012 and March 2013. And, now July 2014. (Note to self: I totally messed this up and saved over one of my old “currently” entries. Wish I’d actually backed these posts up another way because it is lost and there were a couple little written polariods I wish I could remember!)

Thank you to Ali Edwards and Elsie Blaha who inspired this list of reflections in my life right now.

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