Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

1. Identify the goal.

2. Note your motivation and how you will know when you’ve achieved your goal. (Journal, post-it, but don’t skip this step).

3. Begin.

4. Keep moving in the direction of your goal even if you have to return to step 3 more times than you’d like to count.

Yeah. Number four is something I can write a lot about. Who lets go of 30 pounds, feels awesome and then collects every single one, plus more for good measure, back???

Well, me.

And, truthfully? I’m in pretty good company.

I listen very carefully when people share what they’ve done to accomplish specific weight loss goals. What I’m looking for is a plan where you eat all the Nutella you want while watching Friends re-runs. But instead everyone’s all “diet and exercise.” How original.

It is excruciatingly discouraging to set yourself so far back from your goal, no matter what the reasons for it happening are. I know how it happened. And I know some of it was beyond my control, but a good chunk (er, so to speak) was on me.

Re-committing out loud feels scary and stupid because what if I fail again? But I’m not sure it’s a failure as much as a setback. Albeit a frustrating one, but still. If I let frustrations and setbacks prevent me from working toward what I desire, what I believe to be best for me, I might as well not try anything since life comes with all kinds of obstacles and (spoiler alert) no one gets out alive.

It’s funny what motivates us, right? Vanity for the win. I mean sure, being healthy and body as temple and all that good stuff … but for real … when I wave at someone and feel a little … uh… flapping sensation under my arm I’m all “Oh. Hell. No.” Clearly I must stop waving.

Nah. I’m pretty committed to enjoying the journey as it is, instead of getting tangled up in how I thought it would be.



In this post “Cracked,” I wrote about that how it’s a slippery slide down the rabbit hole…

SDRandCo (42)


And what a long climb back it is:




But that climb starts with what?

A step.

Just one step.

One small thing can shift everything.

If you have something you’re wanting to start (or start again), if there’s something you want, or need to do, for yourself: I invite you join me in my #onesmallthing challenge.

This idea came from many conversations with friends all over the country struggling with different challenges – all of which require: starting again. Being willing to let go of “failure” from the past and being able to begin again.

I told my friend I was going to start the next day, because that’s always more appealing right? Instead I texted her this shortly after:


When I have an urge to binge on sugar (which is roughly all the time) I’ll start with a glass of water. That’s it.

I feel kind of itchy just thinking about not having the sugar, I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything.


If you feel motivated to do multiple one-things, do it! In addition to the water I’m going to go back to what felt good to me but is hard to get started on – the green smoothie thing. So here’s me, this morning on Day 2 of that … I’d rather have a soy, white-chocolate peppermint mocha but … I need to be ready to wave at y’all when Ellen’s people call to book me on her show!

Shake day 2

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