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Roots to Roofs spring 2015Season of Reflection

A season for reflection

Even if it’s not in a freshly polished mirror

Mar 11, 2016

By NATHALIE HARDY | Yamhill Valley News-Register

First published in Spring 2016 Roots to Roofs

This time of year it’s hard to get through a supermarket or newspaper without being flashed with new ideas for spring cleaning. Of course, they consist mostly of a compilation of recycled tips from last year and the year before and the year before that.

This advice is packaged and presented alongside the latest, best way to do what your mama told you to do when you were a kid. 

It is packed with revolutionary ideas like, “Pick up after yourself,” and mind-blowing concepts like, “If you spill it, wipe it up.” Bonus tip: “Don’t just leave the wet, dirty towel on the floor.”

There. You’re set. 

Except, of course, there’s a reason these articles crop up like your perennial forget-me-nots.

It’s not that we don’t generally know what needs to be done to keep a home in decent working order. It’s just that life happens.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the details, and things like picking up wet towels fall lower and lower down our must-do list. Eventually, you start greeting people on your front porch with a housekeeping style can be best described by a meme explaining: “There appears to have been a struggle.”

I know it’s not just me on the wrong side of winning the battle of doing all the things well. And, even if it were, I’d still be fine sharing it with readers flipping through this section of “Roots to Roofs” looking for inspiration, trends and information. What’s the harm in providing a reminder that we all do some things really well and no one, literally not one person, does all things really well. 

The reason we see surges of popularity in a variety of methods, authors and speakers professing “the ultimate way to clutter-clearing happiness” is this: There actually is no one right way. 

We each have seasons. Not just the kind where dormant winter blooms into dynamic spring, but I mean seasons like when the best we can do is push crumbs aside to prepare the next offering of food to our offspring. Or when putting a clean blanket on top of sheets that are less so, just to get through the night, is how we can best care for a sick kiddo.

During these seasons, we’re just thankful we have fresh food and clean blankets.

Sometimes we’re in a season where our little ones insist that vacuuming the cobwebs is “killing the Charlottes.” So you take a break from that task for a while. I mean, who wants to be a Charlotte killer?

Traditional, and ironically, all the “new” spring cleaning tips include stuff like flipping your mattress over, dusting places I didn’t even realize people thought twice about and something about cleaning windows maybe.

Here’s the one I’d add, given the fact that not all of us are living lives worthy of coffee table books at most given moments:

Spring cleaning as a concept is an awesome one. The idea of starting fresh, clearing out old stuff, including beliefs about how things should be and look, is a great idea. 

This year, as the birds start chirping earlier and the light starts lingering longer, I’m going to spend less time figuring out how to clean the outside of my windows and more time considering what matters to me in terms of making home feel like home. Then I’m going to start paying some attention to those areas.

For instance, there’s this pile of pictures I have leaned against a wall for years as I wait to put some money aside to frame them nicely. What if I just hung them up? With a tack even.

I mean, what? It’s my house. If looking at the picture makes me smile does it really matter how it’s displayed? 

I’ve long been annoyed by some broken curtain tie backs and damaged window shades. Then I was closing a bag of chips with one of my favorite utilitarian tools, a binder clip, when I realized I could take them to a whole new level of functionality.

I could’ve gone with some fun-colored ones, but opted for classic black. It works for me. They serve to hide windows I probably won’t clean much, if ever, this spring. 

So there’s my radical spring cleaning tip for anyone else who is looking for a little reflection of reality amid the media reminders that spring is springing and thou must clean all the things.

Nope. You don’t have to do anything.

But you could consider this an invitation to look at what you’d like to make different, and then make it so.


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