Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys


You guys!!
We made it through an entire, tough as hell year. 
And now … we do … the. dance. of. joy. 
Remember? Balki?!
Balki Bartokomous. 
No? Hold up, you're going to have to take second and watch this:

When my ex-husband and I used to love each other, like, looooooove, love, we would do this. Okay, that's not quite true. *I* would do it and he'd reluctantly but lovingly do it with me, with a lot less jumping. Because that's what crazy love does. Ah, good times. 

Wait? Wut? Am I telling you a story about my former married life with a smile on my face and possibly something in my eye? Yes. Yes, I am. 

Of course, I have some, uh, tender spots, a few regrets and if I really, really want to I could get worked about a few things but truthfully at this point: why?

Plus, I refuse to regret 18 years of my life. I think that's what going through and processing pain, in all its ugly forms, instead of avoiding it all together can do for you, I think therapists use words like "healing" and "self-growth" and something about actualization to describe this. 

I use words like "freaking finally" but whatever works. 

Fun fact about me: New Year's is my favorite holiday. I'm working on my ritual* closing of 2017 and my goals and plans for the new year because, you guys, a whole new year!
*no humans will be burned in the execution of this ritual. But some paper and sage, for sure, on account of my gypsy blood. 

A fresh start …
But one more thing, I saw this on my friend Beth's social media and it really resonated with me.

I think the joy I'm feeling going into this new year is that instead of trying to change everything I am, all I've been and been through, I'm at this place of … well … here I am in all my mess and glory and poor punctuation. So, let's do this … 

Wishing you all the good things in the new year!!


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The backstory behind the last picture I ever took with my dad. And why I love it. It's just a little harder to write than I expected. 
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Order in the House: Mason Jars and Spices 

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