Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Um. Oops.

Oh, hey. Hi. I’ve missed you guys. And this. The writing and the sharing with you, the you sharing with me. I’ve not written in so long the notes from readers have trickled down to a few random “found you on Google while looking up this or that” and, of course, spam.

I started blogging Nathalie’s Notes 16 years ago … and had a pretty good handle on it until, you know, the whole divorce thing happened.

Since then I’ve been working on figuring out how to prioritize blogging and writing without subjecting you, my favorite people and readers, to a depressing Dear Diary-style blog.

I emailed a friend last night that I think I might be, maybe, possibly peeking my head out of my funk and seeing that things are looking okay these days. Better than okay, even.

I’ve been thinking of, and putting lots of pressure on, my Perfect Comeback Post. Instead, while looking for an old article to add context to a new one, I accidentally republished a post from July 2015 – so oops, just like that, I’m back into it.

I’ve missed this so much and have a Plan to keep things moving along with Nathalie’s Notes. You guys know how I love a plan. We’ll see how it goes!

In my writing hiatus I changed from Typepad to WordPress so you might find dead links or incorrect formatting if you poke around … let me know so I can get to fixing that stuff–eventually.

New Years is my favorite holiday. More on why another time, but here’s a little capture of the boys and I ringing in 2020 … it’s not the best picture but it’s a perfect shot of our right now.

To me, this says – we’re not exactly sure where to look or what happens next, but we’re showing up curious and ready to handle our business.

Happy New Year, Friends –


One thought on “Just like that

  1. Barbara Boyer says:

    Showing up! And curious – a beautiful combination


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